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Meet Kelsey,
The Naptime Chef


Meet KelseyKelsey Banfield - The Naptime Chef - believes that being a mom and a foodie are not mutually exclusive. Her mission is to share recipes and tips that are family-friendly and feature wholesome, healthy food - a perfect fit with Arla cheeses. Kelsey has created for us a collection of naturally delicious recipes featuring Havarti, Gouda and other Arla Dofino cheeses, demonstrating how the pleasure of cooking and eating great food fits into any family life! Learn more.

Explode with Flavor!

Dofino exploding sandwich

What happens when you add creamy Dofino® Havarti to a sandwich, salad, or pasta? We took our favorite recipes and upgraded them with the big flavor of Dofino® Havarti. Click below to see Dofino® in action!

- Fresh from the Fields Sandwich
- Big Sky Pasta
- Kos Bay Vegetable Salad

Featured Recipes

Green Bean Casserole with Havarti Cheese Crust

This holiday season, don’t open cans – give this favorite a “fresh” twist and make it with a Dofino Havarti cheese crust!

Asparagus Omelet with Havarti & Herbs

Omelets only get better with the creaminess of Dofino® Havarti.

Ham, Leek & Havarti Strata

The buttery flavor of Dofino® Creamy Havarti upgrades this casserole, which is great for brunch, …

Spinmeister Mac n Cheese

MAKES 8-10 SERVINGS Spinach gives mac n cheese a new “spin”! Also, new enriched and …

Cheese Baked Potatoes and Chicken

Need a new idea for chicken?  Dofino® Havarti to the rescue!

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Where can you buy Dofino® cheeses? Click here for our Store Locator. If there is a variety not available in the store near you, ask the deli manager to order it!

Featured Product

Creamy Havarti Slices

Who doesn’t love Havarti?  Its mild, creamy flavor and meltability make a family favorite.  And now we’ve made Dofino® Havarti even easier to love with convenient new slices! Dofino® Havarti Slices add a creamy touch to sandwiches – so you can hold the mayo. Each one-ounce slice has only 110 calories, with 6 grams of protein and 20% of your daily calcium.  So you might just want to let your family snack straight out of the Fresh-Lock® resealable pack.

Did you know Havarti was invented by a woman?  Back in the mid-1800s, an innovative Danish maid named Hanne Nielsen ran a dairy farm named Havartigaard. Hanne had a mind for experimentation and newfangled methods. One day she thought of washing her curds in fresh mountain water before molding, draining, and aging them. Eureka! Her cheese turned out soft and creamy with a subtle, buttery flavor – the creamy Havarti we all now love.

She named her new creation after her farm, and within a few years of her delicious discovery, Hanne set up a tidy shop in Copenhagen and delivered her cheeses and butters directly to the Danish king. Not bad for a country maid, eh?

Havarti’s soft texture makes it great for melting, so anywhere you’d use just plain old American or ho-hum cheddar, you can create a whole new flavor! (Our personal favorite – Havarti mac and cheese. Click here for the recipe!) Think like Hanne and try something new!

And our Havarti is healthy, too. Dofino® cheeses are crafted at our dairy in Hollandtown, Wisconsin, under strict quality controls – the milk from our cows is rBST-free. Arla Foods is committed to keeping our products “Closer to Nature.”

Dofino® cheeses are an easy upgrade from the ordinary, and a simple, nutritious step that makes any dish explode with flavor! For great ideas delivered to your email, sign up for our newsletter.

Closer to Nature

Arla cheese is made from the milk of local Wisconsin dairy farmers who take pride in meeting our standards and their own. The cows who make the milk for our cheeses are not treated with rBST. The FDA has determined that “No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST treated cows.”